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About Robbie

Robbie is an Assistant Vice Principal for Teaching & Learning and is passionate about helping teachers and students achieve their full potential. He is a Teach First ambassador, who spent several years teaching and leading in some of the most deprived areas of West Yorkshire, helping his school achieve results that placed their students in the top 3% in the country for progress. He has recently moved to Northumberland and teaches both primary and secondary in an all-through context alongside leading teaching. He has worked with schools across the country in a range of capacities, providing CPD and coaching to develop culture, curriculum and teaching. Robbie writes regularly for a range of publications such as Schools Week, Headteacher Update and The Chartered College.

Find him on Twitter at @MrRRBurns.

Organisations Robbie has worked with


Action Tutoring – Curriculum Development (Reading and Maths)

The Tutor Trust – Curriculum Development (Reading and Maths)

Extend Learning Academy Trust – Curriculum Development and Teacher Training

The Chartered College – Peer-reviewed publications and course writing

The Flying High Trust – Quality assurance of curriculum

Education Development Trust – NPQ course content writing

Teacher Training

Three Rivers Teaching School Hub – Visiting Fellow and Steering Group

Get In Touch

If you are interested in consultancy work, commissioning articles or are just keen to get in touch please do so through the following channels. I’d love to hear from you!

Email: howthenshouldweteach@gmail.com

Twitter: @MrRRBurns

All content is my own and reflects my opinions only. https://howthenshouldweteach.wordpress.com by Robbie Russell is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Based on all work at https://howthenshouldweteach.wordpress.com. See here for more details.


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