Book Review: Cleverlands by Lucy Crehan

I had the privilege of meeting Lucy not too long ago at a conference we were both speaking/delivering pure seredipity, I was reading her book at the time. Here's my review that is book 39 of 45 of my Reading Challenge 2018.   What is it like to stand in front of 30 Chinese… Continue reading Book Review: Cleverlands by Lucy Crehan


One year of blogging…

I actually didn’t want anyone to find this blog when I first started writing it. To be honest, I just wanted a place to organise my thoughts about being a young teacher in England who was attempting to make sense of the complexity of the classroom.  It’s now humbling to see that my blog is… Continue reading One year of blogging…

Modelling: What it is and Why it matters

“Where was the modelling in that lesson?” asked a colleague who observed my teaching in my first few weeks. After she spoke, I searched my brain for an adequate answer to this question and found nothing…I didn’t really know what it meant, not in the classroom anyway.

Book Review: Making Every Primary Lesson Count by Jo Payne and Mel Scott

My next review as part of my Reading Challenge 2018, for more details on this see here; a must read for all primary/elementary teachers. “Success cannot be defined by the government or a test and it certainly isn’t about labeling children. It is unique and personal to each individual, and it is our job as… Continue reading Book Review: Making Every Primary Lesson Count by Jo Payne and Mel Scott

6 Features of Excellent Explanations

My last post attempted to explain why excellent explanations are so important in teaching. In this post I will try to draw together the many brilliant things that have been said by others on the topic of explanations to try and see if there are features of this core teaching skill that cut across phases… Continue reading 6 Features of Excellent Explanations

Excellent Explanations (Part 1)

Excellent Explanations Part In this first of a series of blog posts, I want to argue for the power of accurate, clear and efficient teacher explanations in the learning process and why they are so important. Teaching is Explaining: A lesson learnt Part way through my first year of teaching I delivered a maths lesson… Continue reading Excellent Explanations (Part 1)

Handle with Care! Untangling problems with classroom assessment.

This post is about a frustrating aspect of my teaching practice from this term, which was first brought on by a few educational doubts that I talk about here. I draw on Christodoulou (2017) and Wiliam and Black’s (1996) work. In subsequent posts, I will draw on others to show the solutions I have tried… Continue reading Handle with Care! Untangling problems with classroom assessment.

Do we really need school? Lessons from the Khan Academy

I have had some educational doubts lately. They all started on my way home from school listening to a podcast episode of ‘The Educators’. In the episode, it interviewed Salman Kahn, the creator of the highly successful, not-for-profit organisation: ‘The Khan Academy’. To give you any sort of understanding of my angst, I ought to… Continue reading Do we really need school? Lessons from the Khan Academy