3 ways to make sense of ‘teaching mistakes’.

Today, I was observed by teachers in the first year of their training. The lesson they observed was a ‘research’ based lesson on the planets as part of our Space topic. I ambitiously planned for this to be a two step process: my pupils were to come up with their own questions about their planet… Continue reading 3 ways to make sense of ‘teaching mistakes’.

Mister Tom the Master Teacher

This post follows on from two previous posts, found here and here about teaching metaphors. This is by no means a new metaphor but I think this character allows a great perspective on our role as primary teachers. Writing about where the story of ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’ came from, Michelle Magorian described how she started… Continue reading Mister Tom the Master Teacher

3 things I wish I knew about teaching as an NQT.

My last blog post about being an NQT - at least for the foreseeable future - is on teaching specifically. I've learnt so much the hard way over the past two years and the three things I want to share have become close allies for me moving forward in my career. Expect failure - and… Continue reading 3 things I wish I knew about teaching as an NQT.