One year of blogging…

I actually didn’t want anyone to find this blog when I first started writing it. To be honest, I just wanted a place to organise my thoughts about being a young teacher in England who was attempting to make sense of the complexity of the classroom.  It’s now humbling to see that my blog is… Continue reading One year of blogging…


(3) Classroom Relationships and The Power of Warm/Strict

This comic has been used with kind permission from Scott Hubeny. My last two posts (found here and here) have been a bit too theoretical. Here's for something a bit more practical... Stretching over three decades, research conducted by Wubbels (2013) suggests that teachers who combine maintaining high expectations for learning with ‘friendly’ characteristics (such… Continue reading (3) Classroom Relationships and The Power of Warm/Strict

(2) What makes a great teacher – pupil relationship?

In my previous post, I discussed whether teacher pupil relationships have an impact on learning outcomes. What was evident from some of the research out there is that it is essential for productive student engagement, which leads to high motivation in pupils to learn. In a nutshell, it is a fundamental component of the ‘precondition(s) for… Continue reading (2) What makes a great teacher – pupil relationship?

3 issues with ‘group seating’ in the classroom…

      Two days ago I set up my tables and chairs for the new school year. It took me a lot longer and more thinking time than I originally planned. Two years ago I was told to always have my tables set up so that children were in groups of four or six.… Continue reading 3 issues with ‘group seating’ in the classroom…

Teaching the ‘more able’ child

To understand 'the more able' pupil, I draw on the educational experiences of Scout Finch, the daughter of Atticus Finch in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee (don't worry, you don't have to have read the book to get what's going on here). I will then use a few of my own… Continue reading Teaching the ‘more able’ child

3 things I wish I knew about teaching as an NQT.

My last blog post about being an NQT - at least for the foreseeable future - is on teaching specifically. I've learnt so much the hard way over the past two years and the three things I want to share have become close allies for me moving forward in my career. Expect failure - and… Continue reading 3 things I wish I knew about teaching as an NQT.

3 things I wish I knew about behaviour as an NQT.

I arrived as a male in a primary school context naturally assuming I would have a handle on my pupils' behaviour. After the first ten minutes, I realised I was completely and utterly wrong. I could write here all the little tips and tricks that you might have picked up from other more experienced teachers.… Continue reading 3 things I wish I knew about behaviour as an NQT.

5 things I wish I knew about wellbeing as an NQT.

I thought i'd begin my blog by reflecting on my NQT year. Instead of revelling in what went wrong and telling you how arduous it was, I thought it would be good to consider some practical things that I wish I knew when I started. Let's begin with wellbeing. Illness will happen. Snotty noses, grubby… Continue reading 5 things I wish I knew about wellbeing as an NQT.