Why I am a reader.

2017 has been a year of real challenge and struggle for me, for reasons I won’t put down here. However, it has led my wife and I to consider what sort of things we want to achieve in 2018. We agreed to reconvene on New Years Day to discuss three things we want from this… Continue reading Why I am a reader.


(3) Classroom Relationships and The Power of Warm/Strict

This comic has been used with kind permission from Scott Hubeny. My last two posts (found here and here) have been a bit too theoretical. Here's for something a bit more practical... Stretching over three decades, research conducted by Wubbels (2013) suggests that teachers who combine maintaining high expectations for learning with ‘friendly’ characteristics (such… Continue reading (3) Classroom Relationships and The Power of Warm/Strict

Mister Tom the Master Teacher

This post follows on from two previous posts, found here and here about teaching metaphors. This is by no means a new metaphor but I think this character allows a great perspective on our role as primary teachers. Writing about where the story of ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’ came from, Michelle Magorian described how she started… Continue reading Mister Tom the Master Teacher