The Power of a Model (2)

*The image above is a model from an Art lesson on drawing animals using sketching techniques.  What difference do ‘models’ make to learning? First, they give them an achievable vision of excellence. Okay, they can watch the teacher model, but that’s not as achievable in an eleven-year-old’s head. You’re a teacher, they’re the pupil. You’re… Continue reading The Power of a Model (2)

The Power of a Model (1)

Since becoming a teacher, I’ve become a model curator, a model collector, something of an obsessive hoarder of top-quality pupil work. I’ve realised that this strange fixation is actually a really good thing. It’s actually raised the bar and the quality of my teaching no end. What is a model? Before I continue, the term… Continue reading The Power of a Model (1)

Template for Knowledge Organisers

A couple of people have asked me for a template for knowledge organisers. Please see attached below. Following Jon Brunskill, I think the best way to make them is on Microsoft Powerpoint; it's a much more flexible program to use. You can find it here on Tes. For how to make them and how I… Continue reading Template for Knowledge Organisers

How Learning Happens – Kirschner & Hendrick – A Review

Sometimes you read books that change things. This book about seminal works is seminal in itself. It might be assumed it is just no more than a summary of important psychological research for teachers organised nicely and illustrated in a sophisticated way. It would be good and worth your money if it was just that.… Continue reading How Learning Happens – Kirschner & Hendrick – A Review

The Architecture of High Expectations

A Story After a lesson observation in my NQT year, I sat down with my Headteacher in his office to receive feedback. I thought it had gone okay. There were bits I would do better next time but on the whole I thought I’d done alright. My Headteacher at the time was a kind, positive,… Continue reading The Architecture of High Expectations

Five ways to ‘frame’ a question

Five ways to frame a question As you’ll know from my previous post, I’ve been on a bit of a mission to improve the questioning that goes on in my classroom. I set out to ensure what I was looking for and what I was developing in my practice wasn’t gimmicky and faddish. I wanted… Continue reading Five ways to ‘frame’ a question

Three things I’m learning about questioning

I’ve always assumed that questioning is one of those ‘things’ teachers ought to be good at. I’ve reasoned along the lines of 'if we supposedly spend a third of our time in the classroom asking questions (equating to 400 a day and 60,000 a year) that ‘third’ of teaching time ought to be made worthwhile to… Continue reading Three things I’m learning about questioning

Teaching with a Knowledge Organiser: retrieving knowledge, making connections, applying it in practice

Last week I put down the ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of a knowledge organiser (hereafter KO). This week, I wanted to dedicate a full post to the ‘how’…after a tiny bit more ‘why’. If you're not bothered about the 'why' bit and want to see the resources, skip to the next two sections. It’s probably… Continue reading Teaching with a Knowledge Organiser: retrieving knowledge, making connections, applying it in practice

The ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of a Knowledge Organiser: A Brief Summary and Example

I’ve been reading about Knowledge Organisers for over a year now. I have always been intrigued as to how they might be properly embedded in the everyday practice of primary teachers. In this post, I want to outline what a knowledge organiser is and why they are worth using...there's a link to one of my… Continue reading The ‘what’ and the ‘why’ of a Knowledge Organiser: A Brief Summary and Example

Book Review: Cleverlands by Lucy Crehan

I had the privilege of meeting Lucy not too long ago at a conference we were both speaking/delivering pure seredipity, I was reading her book at the time. Here's my review that is book 39 of 45 of my Reading Challenge 2018.   What is it like to stand in front of 30 Chinese… Continue reading Book Review: Cleverlands by Lucy Crehan